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Welcome to the Taking Care of Teachers: mental health and wellbeing hub, which has been funded by Welsh Government. It’s great to have you on board! 

Looking after the mental health and wellbeing of school staff has never been more important. But we know it can be hard to know where to start. If you are a school leader or somebody responsible for staff wellbeing, then this hub is the place for you. If you're an individual looking for support for your mental health, you can reach out to our helpline above or visit 

This hub features a range of information, guides, top tips, videos and links that will help you put staff mental health and wellbeing at the heart of your school. Each section covers a range of topics but before you begin to explore the hub further, we recommend that you take these steps: 

1. Watch the introduction videos on this page to find out more about Education Support and how to use this hub. 

2. Explore the sections below to understand more about our research, the relationship between job and life satisfaction, the ecological model school staff sit within and our work in Wales. 

3. Use the audit tool in the ‘where is your school now’? section below to help you recognise what you’re already doing to support staff wellbeing in your school. You can download it and get started straight away. 

All of the introduction videos, and website text, have been translated into Welsh. Not all of the resources have. If you come across specific resources that you would like translated into Welsh, please let us know. 

Our hub is an evolving resource. We expect to add resources as we deepen our understanding of what schools need – so make sure you come back to check out new content. 

Now let’s get stuck in…

An introduction to Education Support
An introduction to this hub